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Boat Barbecue (Small, Simple and CHEAP) Tips! VIDEO

There’s nothing better than a BBQ at anchor, but most boat grills take up a lot of room. We found this small, simple and cheap solution for our boat and we love it!

The Asado boat barbecue has a clamp-on 25 mm (1″) rail mount, which takes just a couple of minutes to fit. Once this is fitted it literally takes about 5 seconds to put on or take off the grill.

The BBQ is tiny, so is very easy to stow, even on a small boat. You can use disposable barbecues (which also stow easily) and the barbecue sits over the water when it is in use.

You can buy this boat BBQ here:
?? (Ebay UK with cheap international shipping)

Disposable Barbecues: ??

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