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Middle Bay Sailing. “Launched, Unexpectedly…”

I was hoping to paint my boot stripe before launching. So on the Friday morning of the week I was scheduled to launch (8 April, actually), I drove into the boat yard… and my boat was gone from its parking place. I looked around, because sometimes they have to move a boat to get to another one deeper in the stack. Nope. Cay of Sea was not lurking anywhere in the yard.

I came across the yard manager, and I asked “did you move my boat?” “No” he said, “we launched it yesterday.” I said “you’re not jerking my chain? (he’s a fairly facile jokester).” “Oh no,” he assured me, “you were scheduled for launch yesterday, and we kept the schedule.” I knew the launch was scheduled for that week, but forgot which day. Well, no argument there. I really couldn’t complain, since I waited ’til Friday to speak up. Next time I won’t put off communicating with the yard. Excuse me while I smack myself in the forehead again.

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