The world of sailing in the “twilight zone”… An incredible photogallery

Look at these photos: we have selected this gallery from Pinterest for their extraordinary, and sometimes, for their extreme strangeness. Welcome to the world of sailing… in the Twilight Zone!


  1. Please note that I did not give you permission to reproduce one of my Figaro photos (especially without a signature or © !) on your website. Benoît Stichelbaut

    1. Dear Benoit, I’m really sorry, Indifn’t know It was your photo! We found all these pictures on Pinterest. We’ll delete it today! Sincerely sorry, Alessandro

        1. Dear Fauconnier. As you can see in our posts we write the photo credits every time we have them. In this case the pictures were on Pinterest and it wasn’t possible to discover the credits. If you know some other authors we’ll try to contact him and insert credits!

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