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Sailing Nandji Ep 69 – Ohh Yeah… Little Slices of Heaven

Exploring the Russell Group of the Solomon Islands was amazing. Beautiful beaches, stunning reefs and discovering new waves

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we sail an overnight passage from the Florida islands to the Russell Group in the Solomon Islands. Arriving to Lologhan island, we raft up with our friends Fara on the small shoal. Wasting no time, we set out exploring below the surface and are amazed how clear the water was.


Yoshi shoots a big Barracuda and enough to feed the group so Bonita cooks up a storm in the fire on the beach, under the stars. Bliss. We head in different directions to Fara and spend some quality solotude time away from any other people on our own private islands.

The islands are open to the Coral sea and have little waves for surfing. We both have a play and would love to return to these places one day when the swell is up! Because the waves were small, Yoshi got creative with his naming of the waves! Yew!

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