Mishi 88, The Bluewater Composite Carbon Superyacht from Turkey

The world of super sailing yachts has a new member with the introduction of the 27-meter bluewater Mishi 88. This yacht combines luxury and safety, making it attractive to both sailors and motorboat owners. It stands out with its RINA certification, ensuring high build quality.

Mishi Yachts focuses on maximizing cockpit space. The Mishi 88 has seating for 12 on deep sofas around tables that can be adjusted with the push of a button. These tables can lower to create a lounging area under the hard-top shade. The cockpit offers 35 square meters of comfortable space.

Mishi 88
Credits Pozitif Studio

Strong and Light Hull

The Mishi 88 benefits from many years of composite expertise from Turkey’s Yonca shipyard, known for building high-performance tactical vessels for over 30 years. The carbon fiber hull of the Mishi 88, and its bigger sister, the Mishi 102, are made at Yonca’s top-notch composite facility using lightweight vacuum-infused construction.

This experience led to the decision to build not only the hull but also the deck and superstructure to full RINA certification. Normally, this applies only to the hull of boats this size. Meeting these standards ensures that all parts of the Mishi 88 meet high-quality benchmarks, improving its durability and resale value.

Mishi 88 sailboat
Credits Pozitif Studio

“Yonca’s skills in composite work are appreciated by law enforcement around the world, so it made sense to harness that experience when it came to building the new Mishi line,” says Mishi Yachts founder and chairman Şakir Yılmaztürk. “There is no better quality cruising hull, in my view, and it is perfectly set off by the exceptional design of the spacious interior. I am really excited by the prospects of this brand.”

Advanced Sailing Features

The sailing functions are located farther aft. Slim helm pedestals give access to sail controls and display the boat’s systems on large screens. Four electric winches are positioned to keep the cockpit area clear. The main sheet is attached to the hard top, keeping it out of the way.

Perfect for Entertaining

Entertaining guests is a key feature of the Mishi 88. When anchored, the foredeck turns into a relaxing area. A removable cushion transforms the coachroof edge into a comfortable seat, with folding tables and stools perfect for coffee or a drink. There are also cushions for sunbathing.

Mishi 88
Credits Pozitif Studio

At the back, a large bathing platform makes it easy to access the water for swimming and water sports. It can also serve as a sun lounger. This platform hides a spacious garage for an inflatable tender, water toys, and spares.

Superyacht Interior

A broad passageway leads below deck to a lounge with seating for 12 or more guests. There are spaces for artwork and two large flat screen TVs that can be hidden with a blind. The area is filled with natural light from windows and hatches. Handholds and rails guide you safely across the floor, with a headroom of 2.07 meters.

A well-equipped kitchen is a few steps down, with plenty of fridge-freezer space and high-quality appliances. The kitchen is open to the main living area, so the owner can prepare food while talking to guests. It can also be closed off for full crew service. The main interior space is over 20 square meters.

Mishi 88 salon
Credits Pozitif Studio

Aylin Örs of ORS Design was brought in to help with the interior design. “The yacht’s base finishes are grey and beige, chosen for their timeless elegance,” said Örs“These are also the best colours for creating different atmospheres with variable lighting scenarios. Varied surface materials, including furniture and wall coverings, were selected for their specific textures to enhance artistic expression and provide the basis for lighting design.”

The yacht has a master suite at the front, two cabins at the back that can be used as twin or double rooms, and a cabin in the middle with bunks. All four cabins have private bathrooms. The master cabin has a king-size bed and lots of storage. There are also bunks for two crew members in the bow.

Mishi 88 sailboat cabin
Credits Pozitif Studio

Mishi 88 Performance

The Mishi 88’s large sail plan allows it to reach sailing speeds of 10 knots or more. The mainsail and self-tacking jib each cover 167 square meters. There is an option for in-boom furling. Under power, the yacht can reach a maximum speed of 11.5 knots and maintains an efficient cruising speed of 8 knots, covering over 1,000 nautical miles. This range is enough to avoid storms or reach safe harbor when necessary.

Mishi 88
Credits Pozitif Studio

Timeless Interior Design

The interior design by Aylin Örs of ORS Design reflects timeless elegance. The base colors of grey and beige were chosen for their sophistication and ability to create different atmospheres through lighting. Various surface materials, including furniture and wall coverings, were selected for their textures, enhancing artistic expression and serving as a foundation for lighting design.

With its perfect blend of luxury, safety, and advanced engineering, the Mishi 88 is an excellent choice for yacht owners seeking both performance and comfort. As the Mishi 88 sets sail, it brings a new level of elegance and efficiency to the superyacht market.

Mishi 88 sailboat at anchor
Credits Pozitif Studio

Mishi 88 Specs

Type: Cruising Sloop Yacht
L.O.A: 88ft/26.82m
L.W.L: 81.43ft/24.82m
Beam: 20,34ft/6.20m
Draft: 10.49ft/3.20m
CruisingSpeed: 8kts (1.200rpm)
MaxSpeed: 11.5kts
Range: 1000nm (@cruisingspeed)
Displacement: 70t
Ballast: 16t
Gross Tonnage: 71t
Guests: 6
Naval Architect & Exterior Designer: Osman Tanju Kalaycıoğlu / Özgür Terzioğlu / Taka Yacht
Interior Designer: AylinÖrs / ORS Yacht Design

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