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Sailing Nandji Ep 70 – The 8th Wonder of the World

The Marovo Lagoon, what a spectacular place. We spend some time with the local people and learn about a custom story.

In Sailing Nandji Ep 70, after an overnight sail we arrive to the stunning Marovo lagoon. Solomon islanders like to refer to the Marovo lagoon as the 8th wonder of the world and we can see why.

This stunning lagoon is a combination of 5 lagoons and over 800 islands! So much exploring could be done in just this part of the world! We spend some time with a local chief and his family and collect some water together in the local fresh water spring.


We head to market with the chief and discover a beautiful little lodge called Rockocaseena. Ralph and Raynald have a small little picturesque bar where they play the music that Raynald creates. He is a music producer and he explains a custom story that he turned into a song that we use in the video. If you like his music hit him up!

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