Living with the Tide: “Why We Choose to Sail Around the World”

We met the authors of Living With The Tide Vlog

Matt and Paige, an adventurous couple from the UK… Before setting off on their adventure “Living with the tide”, Matt was a driver who had previously left the Army, and I (Paige) was working as a Graphic Designer.

Why did you chose to sail around the world?

Whilst working our 9-5 jobs we would go on adventures as much as possible. Each weekend we would climb mountains or canoe rivers and we did lots of wild camping. In 2016 we decided to take a 2 week hike across the Scottish Highlands, from Mallaig to Aberdeen. Once completed we decided that we really wanted to see more of the world, and so started to look at ways in which we could travel.

Originally we looked at camper vans to explore Europe, but after further research we decided that sailing would allow us to travel further, giving us more options. Matt has sailed since he was three years old, and his father owned his own yacht (a Bavaria 40) which we used to sail around England on whenever we got time off work. I guess the real reason we decided to travel was to see the world and experience new cultures and people.

There’s a saying that goes something like “The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page”, and I truly believe in this.

There’s a saying that goes something like “The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page”, and I truly believe in this. We want to meet different people from all different backgrounds, and having our sailing yacht will allow us to do this whilst seeing all corners of the world. We also have a great feeling of accomplishment when we sail to new places, using only the wind (when strong enough) to take us. Once we have a water maker on board we will be pretty self sufficient, allowing us to take our home wherever we want and not worry about the nearest marina.

Which kind of boat is Nova and why did you chose her?

We had been looking around different yachts for a very long time, and each time we came across one problem or another. The first yacht had a leak, the second had osmosis…. It seemed like a never ending cycle. Then one day we came across Nova, a contest 41. She was perfect in every way, and a great blue water cruiser, with only a few jobs needing to be done before we set sail. As Matt knowns more about sailing than me he had a few things that he was looking out for such as a skeg hung rudder instead of spade, swept back stern, stern drive over sail drive, cutter rig, centre cockpit and a high quality build. All of his points Nova had, so she was the perfect yacht for us. 

How to prepare a world tour?

The main preparation we did was putting kit onboard that would assist us/keep us safe. For example we upgraded all electronic navigational systems to modern standard, made sure that we had all paper charts necessary for the areas we intend to cruise. All safety equipment was replaced, EPIRB installed, all flares upgraded, new life raft (offshore spec).

As for general preparation we fitted a hydrovane, this would allow us to have a self steering unit that didn’t rely on power, but it also doubles as a spare rudder. All old antifoal was removed back down to the gel coat, then a few coats of epoxy were applied before re antifouling. As for personal preparation Matt decided to get his ICC, despite having sailed for so long he felt this necessary, along with his RYA Yachtmaster.

What must always be on board?

Mayonnaise and Chilli sauce…. That of cause comes after all the safety gear needed.

What about your future plans? 

We are currently in Portugal, but will be heading out to the Madeira islands, then Canary Island, before heading to the Cape Verdes for Christmas. We then plan to cross the Atlantic In January across to the Caribbean, and then carry on around the world.

Our classic final question: what does sailing mean for you?

Freedom. We are no longer tied to one place, our home moves where we do. We can explore all corners of the world and meet new people along the way.

If you need to know more about Matt and Paige, follow their vlog Living With The Tide!

Alessandro de Angelis

Alessandro de Angelis, born in 1978, discovered sailing working for several years for the renowned Breton sailing school Les Glénans. Once back in Italy, he joined Giornale della Vela, the most distinguished Italian sailing magazine, where he worked as correspondent and tester of sailing boats around the globe, becoming back in 2010 its chief editor. In the meanwhile its passion for sailing took him to participate to the most important international regattas onboard Platu 25, Swan 45 and classic boats. Since January 2017 he works as editor in chief for Sail Universe.
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