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Cruising Tips: Outboard Engine Fender Trick. VIDEO

This video demonstrates how you can use an old fender to easily run your outboard engine in fresh water.

There are lots of reasons you might want to run your outboard out of the water and if you want to make it last a very long time [like our ancient old thing!] then flushing it through with fresh water does it a lot of good.

This dissolves deposited salts within the water-cooling passageways inside the engine and flushes out other debris that you don’t want to collect in there.

Of course the water keeps the engine cool while you are running it inside the fender too, as well as providing a water supply to the impellor, preventing damage caused by dry running…

This simple trick is a really easy way to do this. It has the following advantages:

1. You can use an old, punctured fender, which is free!
2. The fender can be rolled up for storage, always handy on a boat.
3. You make the lines the right size so that they can hook on top of your outboard in no time.

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