EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Kurt Arrigo: “Being out at Sea is where I feel at Home”

Kurt Arrigo

Kurt Arrigo is one of the world finest marine photographer. His career has seen him capture dramatic action at most important sporting events, but also portray A-list Hollywood stars, swim with hammerhead sharks and undertake environmental projects from the Galapagos to the Himalayas. We met him.

You were born in Malta, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Have  you always had a close relationship with the sea?

My relationship goes back as far as my memory can take me. However it really started when scuba diving at the age of 10yrs old with my father.
The connection has been strong ever since and I can almost count the days when I have not stepped into the sea.

How did it start your career?

My first camera was given to me by my gradnfather at the age of 11 but it wasnt until my mid teens that I then purchased my first SLR, inspired by my brother. It was a natural progression of taking my camera with me yachting racing. It just felt like a natural progression as the passion grew.

Which is the difference between taking pictures of regattas and photos of cruising moments?

One really has no control over shooting a regatta. There are a lot of elements that come into play which one needs to be prepared for. Ones knowledge, instinct and preperation pretty much determine the way one captures moments in a regatta. Cruising has complete different mindset. One is able to think and plan on the possible outcome and still keep a creative perspective. They both are demanding especially when one has high expectations.


What are your three favorite sailing places?

So far I would have to go with the Mediterranean around the Eolian Islands and Australia, Tasmania.

There’s one of your pictures you love the most?

I do have a number of personal best but one does stick out was of DSK during the Rolex Middle Sea Race.


What advice would you give to a young man who dreams to pursue a career as a photographer?

If it really means a lot to you, you will find a way, your way.


Last but not least, our classic question: what does it mean “sailing” for you?

A sense of freedom, being out at sea is where I feel at home.

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