The Hard Life of a Trimmer in a First-person View during 52 Super Series

Downwind trimmer Lorenzo Mazza gives us a first-person view aboard Quantum Racing during the 2015 52 Super Series in Porto Cervo, Italy.

Video produced by Keith Brash

About the 52 Super Series

The 52 Super Series is established as the world’s leading grand prix monohull yacht racing circuit. The year 2020 marks the ninth season of the 52 SUPER SERIES and it is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet. The circuit grew from the ashes of the TP52 MedCup which finished in 2011 when the principal sponsor withdrew.

The 52 Super Series was developed as an initiative by three key stakeholders, respectively the owners of Quantum Racing, Azzurra and Rán Racing who enjoyed their racing in the TP52 so much, and could see a future in which the owners dictated the direction of the 52 SUPER SERIES; embracing all that they had enjoyed about the class and making racing for like-minded individuals and crews available in locations and venues enjoyed by all. Overall there is a mix of stand-alone TP52 regattas but mainly the circuit aims to visit existing, popular well-run, renowned regattas.

The TP52 came to Europe in 2005 when it was adopted by a group of owners who were disillusioned by IMS racing and the type of grand prix boats which the measurement system encouraged. These fast, light, very powerful monohulls felt more like high performance dinghies, raced in real time – first past the post wins – and yet complied to a box rule design. The box rule bound the boats to a set of key dimensions but still left the design offices and the race teams with scope to exploit their own ideas and initiatives. The careful management of the Box Rule has encouraged steady evolution of the TP52 so that it has progressively become faster and more exciting to sail with fewer crew, and fewer sails thereby keeping costs down.

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