7 Words to Explain Why We Love Sailing

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For anyone who has spent any time around boats, sailing might stand out as one of the most interesting and rewarding pastimes there is. Sailing is a historic activity, rooted in the past of humanity, and yet still very prevalent in the present, and is widespread across the globe, with cultural variations making it special wherever you go. Discover why we love sailing!

1) History

Perhaps the most important and precious thing about sailing is its history. Man’s bravery and ingenuity in finding ways to cross vast stretches of water which would otherwise have proved a great obstacle is something we perhaps forget with modern technology, but sailing has been part of our past for uncountable years.

2) Escape

Sailboats truly offer an escape from the rest of the world, from the hustle of everyday life. Living in a sailboat is one way in which you can truly be alone, undisturbed by surrounding noise, by people coming to the door, by the phone ringing, and the computer filling up with emails. While technology is making it increasingly possible to keep in touch with the sea if you choose to, sailing still provides a buffer between you and the rest of the world, giving you time to retreat and escape when you need to, so you can clear your mind and revitalize yourself for upcoming challenges.

3) Family

Time with family and friends aboard a sailboat is unique. Everyone is working together to keep the boat running smoothly, and it’s a surprisingly unifying process in which one common goal gets everyone talking and communicating. The isolation from the rest of the world also gives people a chance to be in the moment and appreciate each other fully, without day-to-day cares causing tension.

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4) Freedom

The freedom of seeing the world without traffic jams, airport queues, and unreliable public transport is amazing. Sailing around lets you avoid all the rush and chaos of our very full cities, and take in the world at a relaxed pace without the pressure of someone driving too close behind.

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5) Passion

A chance to get to know others who love sailing; there’s a close-knit community in which advice and help are abundant, so sailing is a great way to make new friends. It’s an opportunity to learn skills, enjoy a hands-on activity, and become part of a welcoming group.

6) Nature

Sailing is an amazing way to get more in touch with nature; it puts you into contact with wildlife and fantastic scenery and is in itself eco-friendly, not polluting the sea at the same time as enjoying it. Depending on where you sail, you might see some incredible animals, and even get up close to them.

7) Co-Working

It’s an inclusive activity that anyone can take part in and enjoy, whether they are young, old, physically fit, or disabled. You can engage anyone, giving them simple tasks if they’re beginners, or more complicated ones if they’re experienced, so everyone onboard can feel like they’re contributing and working together as a unified group to make an amazing day out.

And you? Let us know why you love sailing!

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