Kelsey Bonham: Living Alone on a Restored Tiny Sailboat

Kelsey Bonham gives a whole new meaning to “do it yourself.” After the pandemic unexpectedly sent her home for the semester, Bonham decided to use her time wisely and tackle a major project. Though she grew up sailing, taking on a full sailboat restoration was an ambitious undertaking for this college student.

For Kelsey Bonham, the option to learn remotely this fall created the perfect opportunity for her to fulfill a lifelong passion project: complete a solo sailing trip to Trinidad while collecting data for climate change research. 

Kelsey Bonham taught herself how to upgrade a 30-foot steel sailboat and has now lived at sea for over 100 days. Some say that a boat is a “floating compromise,” and Bonham couldn’t agree more. Her repairs are never-ending, and a change in weather can range from uncomfortable to potentially dangerous. The support from her fellow cruisers makes these challenges more bearable, and she loves connecting with this fun community.

Living on the ocean has allowed Bonham to go with the flow, literally, and experience the beauty of nature firsthand. I mean, come on, just look at that view. Relocated is a series from Bustle that features bold individuals who leave the beaten path behind to live a life by their own set of standards.

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