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INFOGRAPHIC. How to quit your job and… live on a boat!


Quit buying stuff

Buying luxuries and stuff you don’t actually need weighs you down without you even knowing it, keeping you from freedom.

Pay off all your debt

When you stop buying stuff, you’ be able to pay down debt much faster. Get rid of the debt so you can save! It will feel great.

Save money

You won’t need much to live the boat lifestyle, but having a healthy store of cash will help you with the transition, minimal day-to-day necessities, and of course, libations!

Get rid of all your staff

If you’re going to live on a boat, you can’t take much with you. Besides, what do you really need anvway? Sell it, give it away, or toss it out!

Quit your job

If you like your superiors, tell them kindly that you’re moving to paradise. If you don’t like them, send ’em a postcard.

Head South and buy a boat

Pick a warm, palm tree skyline as a starting point, and look for a boat to buy. Find one on
Craigslist or Boat Trader, or talk to local marinas.

Live on a boat

You don’t need much to live on a boat – a little money for gas, food, and drink. If you can
learn to catch fish, you’ll save even more. There’s no need for the extra luxuries when
you’re living the ultimate luxury.…Paradise and freedom.

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