Living on a TINY 28ft Salvaged Sailboat for 2 Years

salvaged sailboat magic carpet
Photo Sailing Magic Carpet on Instagram

In this video Exploring Alternatives team meet Maya and Aladino, a couple of sailors who are living full-time on their tiny 28-foot sailboat. They travel slowly with minimal belongings, and they keep their expenses low by doing most boat repairs themselves, and by living as cheaply as possible.

Sailing Magic Carpet is a 1979 Vindø 32 that was lovingly restored by Aladino, who is a certified boatbuilder. Their home-on-water can carry 100 litres of freshwater, it has a small fridge and stove, a 130-watt solar panel, and a 3-cylinder 20hp Yanmar engine.

Maya and Aladino are passionate live-aboard sailors who both learned how to sail and restored their own boats separately before meeting in Europe, falling in love, and moving onto Magic Carpet together.

You can follow Maya and Aladino’s adventures here:……

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