New ClubSwan 28 Unveiled, the Entry in the ClubSwan Racing world

Being the smallest model ever produced by Nautor Swan, the ClubSwan 28 represents the entry in the ClubSwan Racing world, based on the concept of simplicity, quality and, of course, pure One Design speed.

The ClubSwan 28 will be fit to join the high-level One Design races worldwide.

Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, she will sail with a crew of four. She is a pure one design, hitting the water in Summer 2024.

The ClubSwan 28 has been conceived to be as simple as possible, still maintaining a high level of performance in every condition. Both hull and deck will be built using specifically reinforced fiberglass, with carbon mast and no backstay.

ClubSwan 28

The hull has been designed to perform well in all conditions, specifically in medium/light winds.

ClubSwan 28 is an entry into the ClubSwan one design racing world as it is specifically developed for passionate sailors who enjoy close racing together with a dose of high performance in a boat that is simple to use.

Therefore, it is designed to be smart, fun and fast yet not overly technical to allow for an easier entry into the world of racing.

The deck layout design provides a clean and safe cockpit, allowing to race leg-in, sitting inboard, and all the ergonomic studies have been done around this feature

ClubSwan 28 will have a full kite retrieve system with a sliding hatch on the bow.

ClubSwan 28

Thanks to the lifting keel and dimensions, the boat is easily trailable, and to be rigged and unrigged in few hours only. lt’s the biggest possible sailboat trailable without excessive complications nor needing a specific permit.

The sail plan is powerful, the sail wardrobe includes a mainsail, a jib, an AP kite and a reaching kite.

The concept of the rig is all about simplicity, based on one single movement of the rig up and down through a dedicated and simple hydraulic system, the mast bend and head stay tension is achieved simultaneously without the need for a backstay thanks to the configuration of the shrouds.

“ClubSwan 28 is not going to be extreme but will have great performance in medium/light breeze” Federico Michetti, Head of Sports Activities and Product Manager comments. “The brief was to have a boat not pushing to the limits of absolute performance, but it is a boat easily manageable and easy to sail.”

ClubSwan 28 Preliminary Specs

LOA8,50 m – 27.88 ft
LOA incl. Bowsprit10,70 m – 35.10 ft
BEAM2,50 m – 8.20 ft
DRAFT1,80 m – 5.90 ft
DISPLACEMENT1000 Kg – 2204.62 lbs
TOTAL SAIL AREA55 sq m – 592.01 sq ft
MAINSAIAREA35 sq m – 376.73 sq ft
JIB AREA20 sq m – 215.27 sq ft
SPINNAKER AREA (preliminary)75 sq m – 807.29sq ft

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