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Sailing Nandji EP 126 – The Prop that gives you an Extra Knot | Sailboat Refit

Sailing Nandji Ep 126: we install our NEW Autoprop onto Nandji. We are very excited about this upgrade to our sailboat. In our eyes, this is the second most important upgrade we have made to Nandji behind the new engine.

The Autoprop from Bruntons is specifically designed for cruisers at it can give an extra knot of speed under sail! That is a massive difference for us slower boats! To install the Autoprop onto Nandji, we have to make a few modifications to the sweep area of the prop.

As the new Autoprop has a little larger blades than our previous fixed bladed prop, it also is a feathering prop requiring a larger sweep area as the blades rotate 180 degrees giving the vessel the same power going astern as forwards propulsion. When under sail, the self pitching blades pitch to a degree where up to 85% of drag is reduced allowing the boat a much higher speed under sail! Stop it you say, well I agree my friend…

If you want to know more about the Autoprop, follow the link below…

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