Discovering the new Swan 115 Fd Shamanna

The Swan 115 represents a step forward in cruising and race design. The initial con­ceptual work was undertaken for a couple of potential clients looking to increase the return in terms of enjoyment and the joy of owning a large sailing yacht. Besides the cus­tomary family cruising in comfort, they were looking for extra adrenaline-pumping racing and sailing at higher maximum speeds downwind.

This existing brief led the yard to design a maximum waterline length hull that could be optimized for speed in the lighter weight condition, something entirely different from the traditional heavy cruiser racer concept that, because of their deep hull shape, do not gain speed by being lighter due to loss of sailing length.

The Flush Deck version with an uncluttered deck space and sleek lines makes the Swan 115 the ultimate performance Swan, combining the iconic style and quality the brand is renowned for with leading edge build techniques and materials.

The hull shape, with its plumb bow and wide stern, designed by Germán Frers, has performance top of mind, with twin rudders for increased responsiveness and better control when heeling.
The traditional teak interior is hand built by Nautor’s expert craftsmen in Finland, with light oil wax satin finishes and modern details throughout.

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