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The Safety Essentials You Should Have For Water Sports

sailing safety essentials
Hallberg-Rassy 310, photo: Magnus Rassy

Whether you are alone or with others, water sports can be one of the most enjoyable experiences. You can go to a beach, lake, or any other water body to enjoy a whole range of activities. Whether you like jet skis, sailing, surfing, or anything else, there are many things that you will need to be safe in the water. You can read more about the safety essentials below, according to your preferred sport.


Wearable Flotation Gear

This would usually include a life jacket. You need to make sure everyone on board has a life jacket that fits them perfectly. Unlike adults, kids should always wear their personal flotation devices (PFDs) on a moving boat. If there are any animals on board, they should have PFDs as well.

Throwable Flotation Equipment

In case someone falls overboard, you will need a throwable flotation device to retract them onto your boat. While many people go for a ring buoy, you can browse various options and get a few.

Signaling Devices

You will need to carry various signaling devices that can be used to get help in case of an emergency. While the most common would be a flare gun, you should consider getting other visual and sound signaling devices.

Fire Extinguishers

Every boat needs to have a fire extinguisher on board, but you need to check the requirements in your state to find out the specifics. It can be crucial in case of a fire on board. 

Medical Kit

Having a small medical kit for scrapes, cuts, and various other minor emergencies can be very useful. Since a lot of people get seasick, you should get something for that as well.

Jet Skiing

Life Jackets

You need to get the best life jackets for jet skis. Although they might not be the most fashionable accessories, they can certainly keep you safe in the open waters.

life jacket safety essentials

Dock Line

A dock line is a handy item to secure your jet ski to a dock or jetty. You should consider getting a bungee or a double braid nylon dock line. 


If you are planning to swim or fish in the open waters, then it might be useful to take an anchor. It can help keep your jet ski in one place while you have your fun. 

Telescope Paddle

In case you find yourself in some trouble, a telescope paddle will help you row a jet ski to the nearby coast or shore. Low fuel, damaged battery, and many other things can go wrong, which is why a paddle can be very useful. 

Signaling Device

A signaling device can be crucial to call for help if you are in a sticky situation. You can keep a handful of items, such as flare and a whistle, in a dry backpack.



Surfing is a very dangerous sport, and you can easily fall off your board. That is why you need to have a leash attached to your foot and the board. It can keep you from drowning in strong waves and losing your board. 


Your surfboard needs to have the right number, length, and width of fins attached. Without them, surfing would be impossible. 


If the water is cold, get surf earplugs. They can protect your ears from the cold water and winds.

Surf Wax

Standing on a surfboard is an incredibly challenging task. That’s why you need to massage a surf wax on the board for some help. 

Rash Guard

Many surfers don’t like wetsuit because they cause rashes. A rash guard can protect you from irritation and the sun.

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