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Sailing Nandji Ep 111 – Sailing with ALL the Elements Stacked against us!

Trying to cross the Java Sea, slowly everything becomes against us. At least we can smile!

Sailing Nandji Ep 111: we continue our passage West towards Malaysia and our new engine. We had already been at sea for 6 days as we had a following sea and favourable wind to keep sailing across the Java Sea. The dream run could not last forever though as we are hit by a squall and it leaves us drifting with no wind in the hot sun.

Finally reaching land fall after 9 days at sea, we rest up, run on the beach and then head back to sea battling terrible weather with squall after squall. Trying to sail with all the elements stacked against us, things break and make this next passage a real struggle and our hardest challenge to date! Determined to reach Malaysia and our new motor, we push on and battle our way across the Java Sea.

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