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“Now I look at the Ocean with Greater Admiration than ever Before”. VIDEO

Do you remember our friend Andreas Heide? He is the captain of Barba, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 37m who has explored some of the coldest seas in the world. The photographer Tord Karlsen (discover more about him – click here) sailed with Andreas for daytrip during a short stop in Bleik, Norway.

He made the emotional video that you can see in this article and… we really love his words…

I grew up in the Arctic, in a small village called Bleik. Bleik faces the open ocean, which I have admired from an early age.

As the closest dry land in Norway to a deepwater trench plummeting down to well over a 1000 meters (3000 feet), it’s one of the very best locations for whale encounters in Norway.
On numerous occasions I have seen different kinds of whales from the shore or when out fishing. When my friends from the sailboat , who had spent the winter documenting orcas came by, I joined them for a day trip at sea to meet the largest toothed wale in the ocean, the sperm whale”.

“For the very first time, I got the opportunity to see a a giant whale underwater! The sperm whale breathes at the surface, before diving deep down for up to an hour to feed on deep-water squid.
They are usually quite illusive, but with the engine shut off and using the sails for propulsion, we were able to witness this magnificent animal up close. Really close…”

“Now, when I look at the ocean from my house on Bleik, it’s with greater admiration and curiosity than ever before…


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