Sailing Nandji Episode 64 – Importing our pet Whippet, Marley is Back!!

Marley is back! The process of importing a dog to another country is very difficult and we explain the steps we went though in organising our Whippet's travel.

In episode 64 of Sailing Nandji, we are re-united with our pet Whippet Marley. We first departed Australia without him as the paperwork needed is extensive and we though safest for our first blue-water passage that he stay in Australia and we organise a flight for him to join us once again.


After months of organisation from the pet travel agent Jetpets and lots of help from family and friends, the day finally comes when we are re-united once again. We briefly explain the process we went through in organising the import of Marley. We hope it helps people who wish to travel with their pet in the future!!

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