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Tide of plastic rubbish discovered floating off Caribbean island

This shocking image was taken off the Honduran island of Roatan.

The photographer Caroline Power, who lives on Roatan, which is just 12 miles long and three miles wide, shared this images on social media to raise awareness of the problem.

Think about your daily lives,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “How did you take your food to go last time you ate out? How was your last street food served? Chances are it was Styrofoam and served with a plastic fork and then put in a plastic bag. Do you still use plastic garbage bags? Plastic soda bottles? Zip lock bags? Plastic wrap on your food? Do you buy toilet paper that comes wrapped in plastic instead of paper? Do you put your fruit and vegetables in produce bags at the grocery?

More than eight million tonnes of plastic goes into the oceans every year, and it is estimated there will be more of it than fish by 2050…

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  1. Ever been to Honduras?

    They just toss everything out the window wherever they are.

    This isn’t caused by plastic, it’s caused by people who can’t be bothered to give a damn.

    1. No, it’s by a government who think “University” is grades 10-12, don’t want to pay for sanitation services, and can’t collect taxes because most employees are day labor and unreported. Expats and tourists pay the bulk of taxes. This is systemic and it will be a terminal disease. The US is happy to intervene when it comes to “threats” to the US, but pretty blind and deaf and dumb when it involves global issues.

  2. Same in Nicaragua, and Costa Rica….it’s terrible…all refuse is simply thrown to the side of the road

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