INTERVIEW. Sophie Thé: “To reconcile work and a life on a boat is possible!”

Photo Sophie Thé
Photo Sophie Thé

Sophie Thé is a stylist, but also and above… a sailor. Born in Lyon (France), she sampled the taste for traveling through her parents. At 21 she moved to London to learn English and stayed there for 5 years. Then Sophie moved to Australia, and not long after she jumped on a super yacht where she would travel the world for 7 years. A woman who has successfully combined work and passion and who can tell the world (and the sea) with a special perspective. Find out her blog Sophie The Stylist if you do not believe…

You are born in France,  at 21 you moved to London and after five years you moved to Australia. You are really gipsy. When is born your love to sail?
I use to go sailing in south of France on summer camp at the age of 8.

What does it mean sail for you?
Absolute freedom and the best way to see the world at a slow past.

You lived on a 1964’s ketch “Gwenn A Du”: how is a boat life?
Not always easy but totally self sufficient. Very cosy and comfortable.

And main difference from “normal” life in a city?
The view changes constantly! The wind and the tide swing the boat around constantly when anchored or on a mooring.

Photo Sophie Thé
Photo Sophie Thé

Is difficult to reconcile work and a life on a boat?
Not really if your boat is equipped properly. You just have to be more organised because when you arrive on the boat it can become a task to go out to shore again.

What do you need everyday on board?
Water, power and gas.

Tell us 3 places to sail at least  one time in a life.
The Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the South Pacific.

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