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Sailing Nandji Ep 275 TROUBLE IN PARADISE…

In Sailing Nandji Ep 275, we wake up to a pristine morning at the equator, getting under way in mirror-like conditions we decide to drop anchor after seeing the hours on the engine and it needs a service. Bonita takes you through an oil change, whilst Yosh tries to get dinner. “Yosh, what are you doing mate?” How quickly the weather can change in this part of the world. One day the sun is shining bright and not a breath of wind, the next is stormy and blowing 30 to 40 knots!!

Of course we decide to get under way when the weather is bad and spend the day drenched from constant sideways rain as we sail down the coast to a new protected anchorage for shelter. Even though we are in the lee of land, the sea fetches built up in the strong winds and with 10% genoa out, we still sailed at a rapid pace!

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