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Sailing Nandji Ep 274 Tiny boat, BIG LIFE! Sailing Remote Indonesian Islands!

Sailing Nandji Ep 274, out to sea we go and it is downwind dream sailing, until its abruptly over… Smashed by squalls, we break the running rigging and are forced to enter into the islands to seek shelter for repairs. Our glass is always half full as we hadn’t planned to stop here, however it is a very stunning area to stay for a while!!

Supplies are steadily dwindling away and are forced to head into the village in search of gas and food. Heading through the cut between the islands, we nearly have a collision with a ferry that wont stop or move!! What an amazing village full of friendly faces. We are on land for no more than 2 minutes and walked 30 metres when ladies run out from all corners to play with our daughter Tallula. Nothing like having a baby when travelling!

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