Top Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Time In Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country in Central Europe. The summer months usually come early in Croatia, but last longer than in the other countries in Europe. The perfect time to enjoy the outdoors is during the summer months when you can go parasailing, diving, or clubbing and not worry about the weather. Read this article to find out to enjoy your summer time in Croatia!

Enjoy the Beach

Croatia is home to pristine beaches that don’t suffer from overcrowding. So, you can relax during the afternoon or have a nice seaside barbeque to enjoy your summer nights. The beaches have very few attractions, which means that if you are looking for a peaceful place to enjoy the summer months, a Croatian beach might be the perfect spot to take your loved ones to.

Diving and Snorkeling

The waters near the beaches are so clear that you can see several meters down the ocean. With the sea waters being very calm during the summer months, it presents the perfect opportunity for diving enthusiasts to get their feet wet! Croatia has a lot of hidden gems for people who love diving and snorkeling, one of which is the shipwreck similar to the Titanic!

Sailing Croatian Waters

Croatia is surrounded by the ocean on one of its sides. This means that you have uncountable opportunities to explore the calm waters as the summertime is when the ocean waters are their calmest. You can hire boats, or use a Croatia sailing charter to offer you one-day trips around the many islands. Why not charter a boat to explore the untouched Kornati Islands? The country has a well-established infrastructure to support the sailing enthusiasts, with the marina’s number in the 20s and restaurants that specifically cater only to the sailing boats!

Visiting the Ancient Ruins of Rome

There is well-documented evidence of the ancient Romans once inhabiting the shores of Croatia. Diocletian’s Palace is a prime example of Roman architecture, and although the times have not been kind to some of the Roman sites, they are still in pretty good condition for tourists to go exploring the ruins and have a nice field day out under the sun. Salona was home to a large community of ancient Romans, so your best bet would be to go visit this place and spend a quality day with your family and kids.

Wine Tours in the Croatian Vineyards

Croatia has a very tight-knit community of winegrowers who rarely export their produce to other European countries. Most of the vineyards operate on a small scale. Thus, if you appreciate fine wine and looking to have a taste of authentic Croatian wine, visiting places such as Dubrovnik will help you experience fine wine with a healthy dose of local cheese thrown in the mix.

summer time in Croatia
Image from Unsplash

Croatia has a lot to offer to tourists. The country has a lively nightlife where people can go clubbing and dance their nights away. The summer heat of Croatia is best enjoyed by going sailing or tucking your feet underneath the sands of a calm beach. The nation is dotted with plenty of islands, so you can even go on an island-hopping adventure with your loved ones.

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