“This Is Far From Over”, Around The Ocean With Captain Olivia

This Is Far From Over captain olivia o wyatt

“This Is Far From Over” features and was edited by Captain Olivia O Wyatt. She just completed a solo transpacific crossing from San Diego to Hawaii on her 34 ft. boat, Juniper. The voyage lasted 23 days and was chronicled on her blog Wilderness of Waves .

From Hawaii, she will sail around the world to destinations guided by humpback whale migration patterns. As Olivia traverses the sea, she is creating an ethnographic film exploring the mystery of humpback whale songs from the perspective of indigenous communities who revere them as deities.

“This Is Far From Over” is a track from the new album by Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillyI Made A Place.

Who is Captain Olivia O Wyatt

Captain Olivia O Wyatt is an award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, writer and USCG certified captain (50-Ton Master).

Olivia makes ethnographic films that focus on preserving the traditions of communities that are on the brink of extinction as well as creating abstract works of a psychedelic nature. 

She is a member of the Sublime Frequencies collective and recipient of a Studio 7 Arts grant. She has made three feature-length films. Her last one, Sailing A Sinking Sea, premiered at SXSW, won the audience choice award at the Singapore International Film Festival. Recently it screened at the Smithsonian Institution. 

Olivia spent five years as a multimedia journalist for Magnum Photos and has produced series for Viceland, NBC, Magnum Photos, ATTN: and Lifetime. Her work has been highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and BBC.

Discover more on Olivia O Wyatt Wilderness of Waves blog.

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