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Go Around Again: The story of circumnavigator Rich Wilson. VIDEO

rich_wilsonSailing around the world in a 60-foot boat, alone, without stopping and without assistance. That’s the Vendee Globe, a yacht race that begins and finishes in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France.

richwilsonIn 2008, Rich Wilson competed in this race along with 29 other skippers. The only American in the fleet and the oldest, he placed ninth out of the 11 who finished. It was a tough experience — one characterized by injury, extreme fatigue, and a weird, 18-hour hallucination.

In this one-on-one conversation, Rich recounts his experiences during this voyage and previous voyages (including a harrowing rescue from a capsized boat off Cape Horn) and discusses his plan to race in the next Vendee Globe. He also talks about the motivation for his voyages, which is to create online learning adventures for middle-school students around the world. Rich’s boat, Great American IV, is managed and fitted out by Brian Harris and his team at Maine Yacht Center in Portland, Maine.

“Go Around Again” is directed by Rick Groleau, a Boston-based multimedia producer from Livermore Falls, Maine.

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