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Sailing Nandji Ep 196 – ESCAPING the HUMANS! That’s what a Boat is for…

sailing nandji
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In Sailing Nandji Ep 196, With people on the move domestically around Malaysia and a big holiday celebration on the cards, we decide it best to do what we do best. Avoid humans! Departing our last anchorage of a hole in the wall, we squeeze Nandji through the cliffs and into the channel.

We are planning to raise our Asymmetrical spinnaker Unicorn fart, but during the time of leaving the channel, a big squall had brewed and we were now about to cop some bad weather.

Rather than continue into the storm and bash into the on coming weather, we make a quick decision to change our plan and hide away in what turns out to be one of the best places we have anchored in Langkawi. With so much stunning remote coast line to explore, we take Flubber on an excursion and finish with the best sunset we can remember.

Sometimes plans change but if it is one thing we have learnt this year is to adapt and make the most out of any situation. As sailors, we are dependant upon the weather to travel and this means plans can change frequently. Adapting to live with this for ever changing scenario, the rewards received when accepting that things dont always go to plan are priceless. That is how we ended up here. Away from the crowds, alone and happy.

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