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Couple Living on a Sailboat & Running a Small Business While Off the Grid

living on a sailboat
Photo from Instagram @livinghakuna

Alejo and Andrea started exploring alternative lifestyles when they quit their jobs in Miami and started travelling in a travel trailer, but after falling in love with kite boarding, they realized that life on the water would be a better fit, and they moved onto a catamaran sailboat so they could chase the wind every day!

For work, they own a pet supply company called Mokai, which they are able to operate remotely, and they also have a YouTube channel where they share videos about their daily lives.

The couple travels with their two Akita dogs, Ozzy and Echo, who get to spend time running around the beach and swimming in the ocean every single day! They have a patch of artificial grass on the boat that they use if they have to go to the bathroom between trips to shore. Echo went blind shortly before moving onto the boat but she has adjusted really well and knows her way around the boat!

You can follow Living Hakuna’s sailing adventures here:… And you can find out more about their pet supply company, Mokai, here:

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