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Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint – A Full Review

When it comes to boat renovation we can’t always afford to splash out on products that are labeled as “marine”. The marine paint industry is a lucrative one, but who pays the price? We do. 
The marine coatings market makes up for approximately 3.40 billion USD in the US alone. 
So before you break out another thousand, stop and think about alternatives that we can use to save money.


Last time I renovated a boat I wasted a lot of money on ‘marine’ quality paints for interior use. I experimented a lot with paints such as valspar and Delux but nothing came close to the quality of say, Hempel’s Multicoat. This time around I was determined to find a paint that could be used on the wood interior of my boat that wouldn’t cost the earth.

Seamaster 950 painted with Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint

One thing kept coming into my mind was the old advert for Ronseal “does exactly what it says on the tin” What’s that you say? good marketing, yeh I know right! So paint dreams aside, I took a look at what Ronseal had to offer in terms of interior paints. One tin of paint appealed to me the most, that was Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint. At £22.95 for 2.5 litres this was the paint I had been looking for. Not only that but, surely, if the paint is marketed as paint for floors then it will stand up to the rough and tumble of a boat interior right?

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