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Sailing Nandji Ep 186 – Unfinished Business with a Reef…

In Sailing Nandji Ep 186 we have cleared out of Thailand and hoisted Unicorn fart and set off sailing down to Langkawi, Malaysia. We planned to head here for a quick visit to provision for the coming months and the Indian Ocean crossing as Langkawi is a tax free island and much cheaper than Thailand.

Between Krabi where we left from and Langkawi our destination, we need to travel past the islands where we nearly lost Nandji. That horrific bight where a mooring we were on broke and Nandji ended up on the reef. We are only fresh out of the boatyard after completing extensive repairs and why not face our fears straight away and return to where it all went wrong. We have got unfinished business with a reef and it is time to settle the score and move onto the next chapter! We now have a new challenge, the Covid crisis to deal with!! Don’t miss Sailing Nandji Ep 186!

This video was filmed in March as the global covid-19 pandemic took off. We left Thailand on the last day of our visas and this stage the Malaysian border remained open. India and Sri Lanka had closed and Indonesia was threatening to do so. It was important we reached Langkawi as quick as we could so we would not be stuck at sea.

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