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Sailing Nandji, Ep 185 – From Boatyard to Bikini, the Journey Begins!!

sailing nandji

Sailing Nandji Ep 185, we clear out of Thailand and begin our journey of the Indian Ocean crossing. Before we depart the area and head west, we first go south to the island of Langkawi, Malaysia where we planned to provide for the coming months of sailing.

The world was on edge at this stage as the pandemic really started and countries were confused. Borders were still open so we headed to Langkawi and prepare for what would lie ahead. After clearing out of Thailand you have 48 hours to depart, as it was late in the afternoon, we thought we would rest for the night and have our last meal cooked by someone else.

We spend our last Thailand Baht and then the next morning we are sailing! With the perfect weather for sailing, we head out to sea under motor. We hoist full sail and with a gentle breeze on our back, set up to fly Unicorn Fart, our A-symmetrical spinnaker. This is only the second time flying the sail but it is such a great sail to play with and it is so much fun to use! We are en route back to the scene of where our mischief occurred, as we have unfinished business with a reef! Discover more on Sailing Nandji Ep 185!

This video was filmed in March as the global covid-19 pandemic took off. Thailand was one of the first countries affected and we took adequate precautions early to protect ourselves.

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