Pure Emotion: Sailing With Orcas in Norway. VIDEO

Do you remember Andreas B. Heide, the captain of Barba, (click here to read more) a Jeanneau Sun Fast 37, who has explored some of the coldest seas in the world?

Last week he published a new incredible video of its latest encounter with orcas offshore Stavanger, in Norway.

As most of you know, we are quite used to seeing orcas, but this is the first time we get to see them summer time. Also quite special to see them outside my hometown of Stavanger!“, says Andreas.

On Saturday last week we ventured offshore in the calm weather to look for basking shark and pilot whales. When I saw seagulls on the horizon, I had hopes for something big pushing prey to the surface. Sure enough.. We followed the 11 strong pod at distance for about 4 hours far out at sea, at speed of 6 knots / 11 km/h. A beautiful day and a beautiful observation.

Surely there is much more marine life out there, and its good to see the results of a recovering Norwegian orca population 🙂

Discover more on Barba official website.

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