The New Fast Cruising Pogo 44 Details Unveiled

pogo 44
Image courtesy Chantier Structures

The French shipyard Pogo Structures completes its range of performance cruising sailboats, by inserting a new Pogo 44 between the Pogo 12.50 and Pogo 50. The range now consists of 5 models, with the Pogo 30 and Pogo 36. 

For this new fast cruising yacht, the shipyard has once again entrusted the Finot-Conq naval architecture firm to apply the very successful design of the Pogo 36 to a larger model.

pogo 44 plans
Image courtesy Chantier Structures

As for the hull, the Pogo 44 features a wide, chine hull, which guarantees high performance in planning and comfort when sailing at all speeds. The bow has a large volume, which is reminiscent of the Pogo 3.

The keel of the Pogo 44, still made with a vacuum infused Monolithic Fiberglass veil and a lead ballast, receives the same hydraulic system as the Pogo 12.50 or Pogo 50.

The cockpit of the Pogo 44 is inspired by those of the Pogo 12.50 and Pogo 50, with the option of either one tiller or two carbon tiller wheels for added comfort.

pogo 44 interiors
Image courtesy Chantier Structures

Like on the Pogo 12.50 the mast is deck stepped with a compression post and brought almost to the middle of the boat, meaning well inside the saloon.

On the interior the saloon with a big galley looks nice with lots of light and big “windows” on the hull that allow an outside view and that I hope on such a light boat don’t compromise hull integrity.

The two aft double cabins provide a nice volume for this size of yacht. Depending on the programme, the Pogo 44 has one or two toilet cabins and a separate shower cabin.

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