#sundayvideo. 1930, the launch of yacht Shamrock V at Gosport

Onboard Shamrock V (JK3) during the Regates Royales in Cannes, France.Sir Thomas Lipton’s Countess of Shaftesbury launches at Gosport in 1930 Shamrock V, the new aspirant to America’s Cup.

The video shows a mass of people gathered to witness the christening and launch of the J-Class yacht. Void of todays advanced rigging, workers gather around the Shamrock V to manually maneuver the 120-foot sailing yacht into the water…

About Shamrock V

Shamrock V was the first British yacht to be built to the new J-Class rule. She was commissioned by Sir Thomas Lipton for his fifth America’s Cup challenge. Although refitted several times, Shamrock is the only original J-class never to have fallen into dereliction.

The services of Charles Ernest Nicholson were once again employed to design the challenger and she was constructed at the Camper and Nicholsons yard in Gosport. Shamrock V was built from wood, with mahogany planking over steel frames and, most significantly, a hollow spruce mast. As a result of rule changes, she was the first British contender for the America’s Cup to carry the Bermuda rig.

Following her launch on 14 April 1930 she showed early promise on the British Regatta circuit winning 15 of 22 races. She also underwent continuous upgrading with changes to her hull shape, rudder, and modifications to the rig to create a more effective racing sail plan before departing to America in time for the 15th America’s Cup.

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