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Abhilash Tomy rescued succesfully by French Research Vessel

A French research vessel has rescued injured Indian sailor Abhilash Tomy, saying he is conscious and stable, after he was left stranded on board his damaged yacht in the remote south-west Indian Ocean. Solo skipper Abhilash Tomy, an officer in the Indian Navy, was taking part in the around-the-world Golden Globe Race when his 10-metre vessel Thuriya struck trouble in the south-west Indian Ocean on Friday.

His boat, ‘Thuriya’ was damaged in the storm about 1,900 nautical miles from Perth, Australia.  “FPV Osiris has successfully located and rescued Abhliash Tomy who is reported to be in a stable condition,” AMSA wrote on.

The vessel will now transport Tomy to Ile Amsterdam for further medical treatment.

Before the Indian Navy commander was found, search and rescue officer Phil Gaden said Mr Tomy had a severely injured back. “We believe that he’s very severely restricted in his ability to manoeuvre, his mobility is affected,” Mr Gaden told reporters in Canberra on Monday. “The yacht’s very badly damaged, it’s been dismasted and we know the gear is hanging over the side“.

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