European Yacht of the Year 2020, The Winners Are…

european yacht of the year 2020

At Boot Dusseldorf 2020, the international award “European Yacht of the Year” was presented for the seventeenth time. Around 50 new sailing boats are launched in Europe every year. However, only five boatbuilders can claim the title “European Yacht of the Year 2020”.

All of the sixteen candidates were tested and rated. All in all, the trade journalists sailed almost 2,500 sea miles with the nominated yachts in the course of a week. All decisions are made on a jury majority basis; a nationality clause ensures that the jury members cannot favour candidates from their own country. The respective yacht of the year reflects what’s happening on the market in general.

Family Cruiser: Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Beneteau oceanis 30.1 European yacht of the year
Photo R.Tomlinson

This year’s winner in the Family Cruiser category was the Beneteau Oceanis 30.1. The touring yacht built by subsidiary Delphia Yachts in Poland offers a remarkable degree of luxury and comfort, despite its compact dimensions, the jury determined. Its sailing properties and quality of manufacture were praised too. A handy and affordable starter model for four crew members.

Perfomance Cruiser: X 4.0

x-yachts x 4.0 European yacht of the year
Photo R.Tomlinson

In the Performance Cruiser category, the winner was the X 4.0. The Danish boat combines all the virtues that brought the renowned boatbuilder X-Yachts to fame. It offers plenty of readily available power – alongside very tasteful and comfortable furnishings.

Luxury Cruiser: Amel 60

amel 60 navigation European yacht of the year
Image courtesy Amel Yachts

In the Luxury Cruiser category, the Amel 60 triumphed. Its spacious cockpit, almost completely covered by a deckhouse, provides maximum protection against the elements while functioning as a relaxing chill-out zone. Below deck, the high-quality and stylish interior offers three spacious double cabins and a bright, well-laid-out lounge to rival that of a five-star hotel.

Regatta Yachts: Dehler 30 OD

dehler 30 od European yacht of the year
Photo R.Tomlinson

During the nomination of the current candidates, it was evident that the number of fast, easily manoeuvrable racing yachts is greater than ever. To do them justice, the jury of the European Yacht of the Year created a new, separate category (Regatta Yachts). In this group, the Dehler 30 OD from Greifswald claimed the title.

The brand has a long-standing tradition of racers and has built on its success with the boat optimised for small crews. The Dehler 30 OD has a lightweight build, consistent design and is currently the most attractive model of its kind.

Innovation-Award: ClubSwan 36

clubswan 36 European yacht of the year
Photo R.Tomlinson

The Innovation-Award of the European Yacht of the Year was awarded to the ClubSwan 36, the latest model of the luxury brand, Nautor. The radical, modern racing machine from the Finnish company is currently the most exciting serially produced boat.

It has all the ingredients of a high-tech yacht – from the extreme hull shape to a carbon hydrofoil in the centre of the boat, which can be positioned at the tug of a rope and generates lift under the water. The faster it goes, the greater the hydrodynamic effect.

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