Yamaha Redesigned Its YAM Inflatable Tender Range

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After more than twenty years, Yamaha has redesigned its YAM inflatable boat range. The new design philosophy adds a fresh, modern look and a wide range of features.

The new YAM range consists of the following product series: The T-series (Tenders), S-series (Sport), and the STi-series (Sport Tenders). While the aforementioned have all been redesigned, the TA Aluminium R.I.Bs series remains as a part of the YAM product range with its pre-existing design. 

YAM 200T & 240T

These tough yet slim runabouts are ideal for small boat tender duties. Inflating or packing them is a breeze, while their lightweight slatted floor simply rolls up – making the T-series easily stowable in a boat locker, car trunk, or even a cupboard at home. 

Whether used as a tender on sail yachts or just for fun with minimum fuss, there’s no better choice than the 220T or the 240T. 

YAM 275S, 310S, 340S & 380S

These tenacious inflatables are a perfect fit for camping trips, water sports, family holidays, or simply as dependable tenders to a larger boat. The YAM S-series come with a floor of aluminium panels and an inflatable keel for improved steering. A dedicated storage strap for oars is another example of ease-of-use: all YAM boats have the oars stored neatly out of the way so one can sit comfortably on top of the hull. 

YAM 240STi, 275STi & 310STi-V

With its double-wall inflatable floor and comprehensive ease of use, the STi series is a winning combination of fun flexibility and top-tier durability. The special inflatable keel and V-hull design of the 310 STi-V gives this boat excellent control and handling stability. 

The STi also come with strong D-rings, as well as a secure, integral tank holder. Their PVC-coated transom is reinforced with a special support section for a Yamaha outboard.

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