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How I made a DIY Sailing Rig for our Tender

In this video I show you the cheap DIY sailing rig I made for our tender, and talk you through exactly how I made it.

Timings for your convenience:
00:00 Introduction
01:23 Planning the build and material selection
03:10 Mast
03:44 Mast splice
05:25 Mast hardware
07:14 ‘Copper Stoppers’ (DIY Clamcleats)
10:49 Boom, gooseneck and hardware
12:19 Sprit and hardware
13:28 Kick up leeboard and simple mounting method
16:29 Kick up rudder
17:54 Tiller (made from an axe handle)
18:22 ‘Quick Release’ rudder mounting system
20:20 Sails (Optimist and homemade polytarp storm sail)

Want to know how we built our homemade folding tender? (an 8 foot boat which folds down to 4 inches wide, rows, sails and planes with an outboard engine!) Watch this video: click here

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