The Secrets of Tiwal 3R, The Sporty Version Of The Inflatable Sailing Dinghy

Tiwal 3r
Image courtesy Tiwal

The Tiwal 3R has been unveiled in preview at Germany’s Boot Düsseldorf from January 23rd to 31st 2021.  This sport version, the Tiwal 3R, completes the range of Tiwal 3 and Tiwal 2 inflatable dinghies from the Brittany-based shipyard.

The Tiwal 3R offers a compact alternative to traditional sports dinghies, having increased rigidity both on the hull, and the mast and appendages. But it also benefits from an increase in power with a new mainsail in laminated sailcloth and is equipped with a boom. 

Tiwal 3r
Photo courtesy Tiwal

 “For the Tiwal 3R, we’ve brought more rigidity to the whole boat,” explains Marion Excoffon, designer and co-founder of Tiwal. “The hull benefits from a new technology – ‘fusion’ – as well as a better flow of water at the back of the hull. The mast is made of 90% carbon and the appendages are made in composite. The result is striking, with a behavior similar to that of a rigid boat, while keeping its compact functionality for being transported.” 

Tiwal 3R, great sensations

The 7.6m² “light wind” rig guarantees great sensations in light airs (6 to 12 knots), as does the 6m² sport sail for stronger winds. “The sail was designed with the resources and experience of North Sails. Its shape is inspired by what is being done for foiling boats,” explains Gaëtan Aunnette, Sail Expert at North Sails.

Even the larger-size helmsman will be hiking-out in light airs for a great feeling of speed. The oriented sail cut, the new carbon boom and fine-tuning allow sail power to be optimized according to wind conditions, sea state and your weight. 

The main controls are directly within reach when under way. The lines for the downhaul, cunningham and clew outhaul return to starboard and port to adjust the sail at any time and extend your glide through the water. Braided ropes with a Dyneema® core allow for ultra-precise adjustment as required. And because the boat is lightweight, any adjustments you make will be felt immediately.

tiwal 3r

The vang also has a traveler that fits the boat’s structure and allows the sail to be eased out wide downwind. The mainsheet runs through a stand-up block with a jammer for greater comfort. In the sail, a large monofilm window offers you a good field of vision for keeping a watch over your immediate environment on the water.

The extended wings on the back allow the sailor to position themselves optimally according to the wind strength and the boat’s heading. The dinghy gains in stability and performance, notably as when the wind increases.

Tiwal 3R, the take-anywhere sport boat

The Tiwal 3R is the take-anywhere sport boat. It’s super compact. It packs away into one bag for the frame, one bag for the hull, and a third bag for the sail. The sail can even be folded in half so it fits in a bag the same length as the boat bags. Whether you’re sailing for pleasure or competition, your dinghy will accompany you to all waters, everywhere. It’s a new way for you to enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

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