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3 Tips For Sailing In The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are world-famous for their steep cliffs, black and white beaches, and the most active volcano in the world. And what better way is there than to explore an island by sailboat? So here’re our 3 tips for sailing in the Aeolian islands.

Plan ahead

If you would like to visit the most famous attraction of the eolian island – Stromboli, the volcano – make sure you plan ahead. You will need to have to stay overnight, as you are only able to visit the volcano at night. Unfortunately, the island is pretty round, meaning there are no real anchoring spots where you will find shelter from any wind.

There is only one anchor point at the NW tip of the island in front of the town, where everybody will be anchoring. So make sure you choose a windless night to anchor there as you will be leaving your boat at anchor for the night while climbing the volcano.

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