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Sailing Nandji… One Month In A Single Post

MARLEY, the Sailing Whippet | Sailing with a dog, How we do it! Sailing Nandji Ep 138

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we give some information about our pet dog MARLEY the Sailing Whippet. We have been sailing offshore for 2 years now and have lived on our boat for 3 with our dog.

We are often asked many questions about Marley and hopefully this answers the difficult ones like, Where does he wee and poo? Do we have to use male dog diapers? Doesn’t that dog need lots of exercise? Why is he so skinny? We take you through a bit of day in the life of Marley and what we do to keep him happy and safe whilst we are sailing. It is a big decision to sail offshore and visit other countries with your dog or pet and we plan to break down the information and inform you more about our choices and why we brought Marley along for the ride!

SAILING to SURF, the Search is Real! | Sailing Indonesia – Sailing Nandji Ep 139

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, the boat yard is just a distant memory as we set sails down the West Coast of Sumatra in the search for waves. WE clear into Indonesia in Sabang and then head on down the coast, collecting a couple of young Aussie surfer lads as we go. We decide to take them along for a ride and head to the island of Nias.

We had left Uncle and Bob back in Langkawi and arriving into the bay we were greeted with only these two vessels anchored in the calm lagoon. With a run of swell on the way, the lads get busy in the pumping left hander out the front. It was fun to try and remember how to surf again after months of not surfing! Worn out and hungry from a few days of practicing our surfing skills and combing the beach, we head into the weekly markets and show a little inside into village life.

The sleepy quite town all week has barely noone around, but come market day it is a bustling metropolis! This is the first time we have seen Bat on the menu…

Problems in Paradise, At least the Fish are Biting! | Sailing Indonesia – Sailing Nandji Ep 140

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, there are problems in paradise on board Nandji. We begin with an accident in the kitchen leaving Yosh severely injured. With new crew arriving to Nandji in a weeks time, we head into the city of Padang, West Sumatra to heal and organizing everything for the coming couple of weeks with people on board.

We rush around the city getting food, fuel and water. All the essentials. On top of extending our visas which ends up taking a week, we are trying to import a life raft ready for our future crossing and then we have our hard drive. This important little piece of technology has stored on it all our content from the last 2 months!!! It is very important this thing works again! This is for sure a creators worst nightmare!

With so much drama going on and all the stress involved with these activities, we make it to the airport in time to pick up our guests, take them to the shops and then head out to sea under the full moon. These green horn sailors are put to the test early as what begun as a nice smooth sail, soon turned into an upwind, stormy, rough and wet sail. At least the fish are biting right?

Off to a Surfers Dream Land! Mentawai Islands | Sailing Indonesia – Sailing Nandji Ep 141

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we pick up our new crew, Tash and Teebs, who are from back home in Australia. These couple of legends looked after Marley years ago when we first departed Australia bound for New Caledonia. Making them more Marley’s friends than ours!

Arriving to Nandji in the dark, we head out to sea on an overnight passage to the Mentawai Islands. A surfers dream land. These green horns were in for a ride as we motored out of the safety of Padang harbour under a full moon. An hour into the sail we are smoked by a heavy squall and for the rest of the night we upwind sail into the building choppy sea, strong winds and torrential rain. Welcome to the sailing life!! Arriving to the islands after a gruelling 20 hours at sea, we head straight to where the first surf charter boats we are see are anchored and get ourselves the first little warm up surf for the trip. For the following few days we hang in the area and surf Telescopes as the strong South East trade wind is relentless. We go diving and cook ourselves a massive feast in a beach fire. This is living!

SURFING MENTAWAIS | THE BOYS GET BARRELED! | Sailing Indonesia – Sailing Nandji Ep 142

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we sail north to the Mentawai playgrounds area and score some of the best waves going around! We leave the wave of Telescopes and down wind sail the 20nm in the strong SE trade winds.

We have a little excitement on the ride as there is some swell in the water and BIG bill fish around!!! We arrive to the protection of the little tropical island of Hideaways and discover a smoking left hander to surf out the front. We anchor on the shoulder and call this piece of paradise home for a few days. The surf got a little busy in the mornings with sometimes 40 people in the water, but as we sat there patiently, let the tide drain out and the boats to disappear, the lads get an all time surf session with just the two of them out. Yew!

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