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One Week With Sailing Nandji: 7 Videos To “Live” On Board

MONDAY – Sailing Nandji LIFE: Sail. Break stuff. Fix. Repeat… Ep 238

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are out sailing and going through Nandji’s systems to make sure everything works. We have been living at anchor for a few days, learning what life is like living on Nandji once again. We need to head back into the marina to continue our preparations for leaving and finalise Marley’s departure to New Zealand, with a little breeze, we head back towards the marina. We are on a shakedown, so as the wind was blowing, the sails go up…. Then they all fall down…. We need to head back in to the marina for repairs instead!!

TUESDAY – We Can’t Get our Hound Home! Ep 239

In this episode, we are out on another shakedown sail as the countdown begins for our departure to Indonesia and onwards to Australia. Nandji is close to ready, we are more than ready but we need to finalise the export of our pet dog. It has been an extremely stressful time trying to prepare the necessary documents for our dog to travel home. We have invested a whole lot of time and money for this process to run smoothly, including the use of a “skilled” agent… More problems, more hurdles and more delays… It is as if the world is against us and we can’t get us or our hound home!

WEDNESDAY – It’s not goodbye, It’s see you soon… Ep 240

In this episode, we got our Dog a penthouse!! For months now, we have been jumping through endless hoops to prepare for our whippet Marley’s export from Malaysia to New Zealand and onwards to our home country of Australia. This has been our entire hold up for our departure to Indonesia and our return trip home. We wanted to make sure everything was in order for Marley’s departure before we ourselves begin our trip. Finally everything appeared to be in order and Marley was about to fly. With only a few days left of hanging out together, we wanted to treat the little guy. He is such a major part of our family and this is the only way to get him home with us. So putting on our big boy pants, we made the arrangements to have Marley fly home to Australia.

THURSDAY – Bonita, Get the Boat ready!! WE ARE OUT OF HERE!! Ep 241

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we have been struggling with the officials in trying to get our dog Marley exported from Malaysia to our home country Australia. After months of failed attempts and continuos set backs, we have the green light for our pet t travel With Marley ready to leave, We are off! Bonita, Get the boat ready! Our 3000nm journey from Malaysia to Australia, will take us through Indonesia on our return route. First though, we have to leave the marina. After so many hardships and a year spent in preparing to leave, motoring out of the marina was an emotional experience. Reaching the first anchorage only a few miles away felt like a massive achievement. We are off and let the adventure begin!!

FRIDAY – Sailing Nandji Beginning our 3000nm journey!! Ep 242

In this episode, Nandji is out at sea and sailing again! We had left the marina the previous day, as leaving is always the hardest part to any passage. We had anchored up for the evening and rose before the sun to begin the 130 nautical mile sail north, up the Malaysian coast to the island of Langkawi. It is hard to express the joy of being on the water again and to have Nandji on the move. This passage marked a milestone for our journey as it was our first overnight sail with our new daughter Tallula. What a perfect passage as we had smooth seas and got to sail most of the day with our Asymmetrical sail, Unicorn Fart!

SATURDAY – Casting Off the Lines… Ep 243

Sunday – 24 HOURS AT SEA … Day 1, Sailing Nandji from Malaysia to Indonesia, Ep 244

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, let the journey begin! We leave Malaysia after spending the last 18 months in the country. We were stuck, have worked crazy hard completing a second refit to our boat and then had a baby. Lock down after lockdown, Nandji is finally free and on the move again! We have a 700 nautical mile sail to reach our check in port of Padang, Indonesia. The first part of the journey involves crossing the bust shipping channel, the Malacca Strait. This is area is protected from the open ocean ground swell but it is close to the equator and large unexpected squalls can happen at anytime. Picking a gap in the monsoon winds, we begun the dash across to Indonesia. We were lucky to have the perfect weather forecast window for this passage. Nothing else to say, let’s go! On to the next chapter of our lives!

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