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Sailing Nandji Ep 101 – Breaking down in Jurassic Park

Hidden away in Jurassic Park, things go horribly wrong and Nandji drifts towards the rocks...

Sailing Nandji Ep 101: we have been anchored inside Jurassic park for a while and opting to pick up anchor and move Nandji into the inner lagoon of Wayag, trying to find a new perfect place to call home, things go horribly wrong…

With strong gully winds, we slotted Nandji into a tight sandy hole when we realise we have no gears… With no way of manoeuvring Nandji, some quick thinking was needed as we drifted towards the rocks…

If you wish to contribute towards our campaign of getting Nandji a new engine in 2 months time, then please donate to this link:

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