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Sailing Nandji Ep 86 – Volcanoes, World Wars & the Buried City

Sailing Nandji Ep 86. In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are in the city of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. We are a little stuck waiting on a package to arrive so utilise the time explore this very interesting city.

This city has survived, 2 World wars, a tsunami and two volcanoes eruptions covering the city! All in the past 100 years! What a place! During WW2 the Japanese held Rabaul and dug mazes of tunnels through out the hills of Rabaul and many are still standing today.

We explore some of these caverns and scare Bonita with all the creepy crawlies. It has been a long time since we have had any friends on the boat and we were lucky to cross paths with an old mate from back home and enjoy a great day catching up. Bonita then models her PNG fashion!!

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