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Sailing Optimist during Mother of Cape Storms

40 -50 knots extreme strong winds

Wednesday, 7th of June a huge storm hit the whole of the western province, causing all schools to be closed for the day.

We usually train up to four times a week, but the wind was too strong and no one wanted to go sailing in the overcast weather. So while the rest of Cape Town was running to shelter, I was crazy enough to go sailing. We measured winds between 32-46 knots at Imperial Yacht Club. My home club is Zeekoeivlei Yacht Club and I am training to go to my second world championship in Thailand.

As a sailor grown up in Cape Town, strong winds are common for us. But there has never been anything so strong to make me look forward to the same ways I did to this one!

I went out and sailed for about an hour, and then came back exhausted! With footage from my GoPro, I have put this video together from “The Mother of Cape Storms”.

Alex Falcon

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