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Ten Ways to Protect Your Sailboat Inside a Slip

Will your small sailboat survive howling winds, tidal rise and fall, or a storm surge inside her slip? Does your sailboat have the protection it needs to prevent catastrophic hull or rigging failure? Follow these ten steps in this excerpt from the eBook “Dock a Boat Like a Pro” to protect your small sailboat in any slip!

Use these slip docking line tips to:


  • Keep your sailboat centered inside a super narrow slip.
  • Prevent failure of your costly docking lines and deck gear.
  • Check this resource for “moon tides” to adjust your slip lines.
  • Make stern lines more efficient with this “X” tactic.
  • Protect your costly hull from scrapes or cracks in heavy weather.
    Slips could restrict the amount of docking line you use, so your concentration here will be hull protection, tidal allowance, and to keep the boat centered in the slip.

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