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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: in Helsinki’s old harbour someone committed a big mistake!

Our friend Eetu Halmesmaki from Helsinki  sent us through our Instagram profile a photograph that leaves no doubt: in Helsinki someone committed… a big mistake!
Hello @sailuniverse
I notified few years ago that in the Helsinki’s old harbor the city workers are installing the dock bollards wrong way around. Still this winter they keep doing the same even they notified the mistake on half way. They can’t change the way on half way. I took some photos of those some years ago and the Finish newspaper wrote an article about that.
This is the article in Finish and it basically says…
helsinki_harbourIn The Helsinki’s old West Port bright yellow shining dock bollard have confused the city dwellers. The reason is that the bollards intended for attachment of ships has been installed in the wrong direction. Officials admit a mistake, but do not intend to fix it.
According to officials they reinstalled old bollards after the port was left out of the use of as commercial port and the area was renovated. The City of Helsinki Public Works Department has restored area last fall and installed water port of the old bollards again – in the wrong direction.
Project Director Juha Lahti, the mistake was discovered only afterwards. The mistake was not corrected, because it would have been too expensive.
It is not appropriate to tear off the bollard, because if they are turned now, would be a concrete slab tracks and the concrete slab re-casting is difficult. First, should be dismantled, then cast again and it all would cost quite unreasonably, Lahti says.
I dont know about the rights of the photos in the article. Two photos attached are mine and can be used.
Eetu Halmesmaki

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