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Antoine Albeau and the new World Record with 53.27 kts

On Sunday, November 1, French windsurf legend Antoine Albeau bettered his own world record, achieving 53.27 knots while speedsailing in Luderitz, Namibia, in a custom-built ‘ditch’ designed to offer the perfect water conditions. It’s the fastest anyone has gone on a windsurfing board, ever – and it wasn’t easy to do. …

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Björn Dunkerbeck: the 100 km/h windsurfing mission

Windsurf icon Björn Dunkerbeck is on his way to Namibia. The half Danish-half Dutch giant’s objective? Breaking the windsurfing speed world record on a 500m course. In this Q&A with the RedBull Content Pool, he explains why he thinks it’s possible – and how he wants to break the 100km/h …

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